The Best Trademark Search and Filing Services in the US

If you’re starting a business, registering your trademark is an essential step to protect your brand identity. A registered trademark gives you the legal right to use your business name, logo or slogan exclusively and prevent others from using it without permission.

However, the process of searching for existing trademarks and filing for registration can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s where trademark search and filing services come in handy.

There are many companies that offer trademark search and filing services in the US, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs.

To help you navigate through the options, we’ve rounded up some of the top providers based on their track record of success, affordability, user-friendliness, customer support, and overall value for money. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, these trademark search and filing services can help you secure your intellectual property rights efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, for those concerned about potential trademark violations, some of these top trademark search and filing services also offer trademark infringement services to protect your brand and intellectual property rights.

While there are numerous trademark services out there, not all offer top-notch solutions. Before you fall victim to the subpar options, it’s best to conduct careful research and choose one of the companies that are widely recognized as the best trademark services in America.

Understanding The Importance Of Trademark Registration

Are you planning to start a business or launch a new product? If so, trademark registration should be one of your top priorities.

Registering your trademark is an essential step in protecting your brand’s identity and reputation. It provides legal protection against infringement and helps avoid costly legal battles down the line.

The benefits of trademark registration are numerous. Firstly, it establishes exclusive ownership rights over the mark and puts others on notice that you own the rights to use it. Secondly, it makes it easier for you to enforce these rights if someone else tries to use your mark without permission.

However, there are also common mistakes to avoid during trademark registration, such as not conducting a thorough search before filing or failing to properly identify the goods and services associated with the mark. By understanding these mistakes and taking steps to avoid them, you can ensure that your trademark registration process goes smoothly and effectively protects your brand.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Trademark Search And Filing Service

As we’ve discussed in the previous section, registering a trademark is a vital step in protecting your brand identity. However, navigating the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s where trademark search and filing services come in.

These professionals can help you with everything from conducting a thorough trademark search to filing your application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

When choosing a trademark search and filing service, there are several factors to consider. Industry expertise and experience are essential, as you want to work with someone who knows your industry inside and out. Additionally, cost-effective options are crucial, as trademark registration fees can quickly add up.

A reputable service provider will offer transparent pricing and provide detailed information about what services are included in their fees.


LegalZoom is a popular online legal service provider that offers various services, including trademark registration. It is an affordable option for small businesses that want to protect their brand without breaking the bank.

legalzoom‘s trademark filing package starts at $199 plus government fees, which is a reasonable price compared to other trademark services. When comparing costs between different trademark services providers in the US, LegalZoom stands out as one of the most affordable options available. While some providers charge upwards of $500 plus government fees for their basic packages, LegalZoom offers similar services starting at just $199 plus government fees. This significant difference in pricing makes it an attractive choice for small business owners who need to protect their brand on a budget.

Apart from its affordability, LegalZoom also provides several benefits to small businesses. For instance, it offers a free preliminary trademark search to ensure that your desired mark is available before filing for registration. Additionally, LegalZoom assigns a dedicated attorney to handle your trademark application and provide legal advice throughout the process. This level of personalized service ensures that your business’s interests are protected and increases the chances of successful registration.

Moreover, with LegalZoom’s emphasis on personalized service and legal expertise, you can be confident that you are getting value for money. The company’s attorneys have years of experience in dealing with trademark law and will guide you through every step of the application process. All these factors make LegalZoom an excellent choice for any small business owner looking to protect their brand while keeping costs low.

Trademark Engine

Moving on from LegalZoom, if you’re looking for trademark search and filing services in the US, you may want to consider alternatives to Trademark Engine.

While they do offer affordable pricing options, it’s worth doing a comparison with other providers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

One such alternative is LegalZoom, which offers a range of legal services including trademark registration.

They have competitive pricing and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to file your trademark application online.

Additionally, they provide access to an experienced network of attorneys who can assist with more complex legal issues related to your trademark.

Other options include rocket lawyer and MyCorporation, both of which offer similar trademark search and filing services at varying price points.

When deciding between these providers, be sure to review their pricing structures carefully and consider any additional features or benefits that may be included in their service packages.


When it comes to trademark search and filing services in the US, MyCorporation is a name that is often mentioned. This company has been around since 1998 and has helped countless businesses with their legal needs. However, as with any service provider, it’s important to do your research before committing.

One way to get an idea of MyCorporation’s reputation is by looking at customer reviews. Fortunately, there are plenty of online platforms where you can find feedback from people who have used their services before.

A quick glance at these reviews reveals that MyCorporation generally receives high marks for their professionalism, efficiency, and affordability. Of course, there are also some negative reviews mixed in, but those seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

When it comes to pricing comparison, MyCorporation offers competitive rates for their trademark search and filing services. Although they may not always be the cheapest option out there, they do offer a good balance between quality and affordability.

Additionally, they have several packages available depending on your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, chances are that MyCorporation will have a package that suits your requirements.

So if you’re looking for reliable trademark search and filing services in the US, MyCorporation is definitely worth considering.


In conclusion, choosing the right trademark search and filing service is crucial for ensuring the protection of your brand.

LegalZoom, Trademark Engine, and MyCorporation are some of the best options available in the US market.

It’s important to consider factors such as pricing, experience, customer service, and overall reputation when making your choice.

Ultimately, by investing in a reliable trademark search and filing service, you can protect your brand from infringement and potential legal issues down the line.

Don’t leave this important task to chance – do your research and choose a provider that will help you navigate the complex world of trademark registration with ease.

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What are trademark search and filing services?

Trademark search and filing services are businesses that assist individuals and companies in searching and filing trademarks.

Why are trademark search and filing services important?

Trademark search and filing services are important because they help protect individuals and companies from legal problems or infringement issues that may arise when using a trademark.

How do I choose the best trademark search and filing service?

To choose the best trademark search and filing service, look for a service provider who is experienced, knowledgeable, and has a proven track record of success.

How long does it take to search and file a trademark?

The time it takes to search and file a trademark can vary depending on the complexity of the trademark, how many similar marks there are, and how quickly the applicant provides the necessary information.

How much does it cost to search and file a trademark?

The cost of search and filing a trademark can vary widely and depend on the trademark’s complexity, features, and the particular service provider you choose.

Can I search for a trademark myself without a search and filing service?

Yes, but it is typically wise to consult with an attorney or a specialist if you don’t have extensive experience.

How long does a trademark search last?

A trademark search lasts industry standard wise from three to four weeks.

Trademark filing services, is it a one-time fee?

No, some trademark filing services may utilize a one-time flat fee for similar costs, for however robust categorization containing registration fees. Some companies charge hourly, while others charge consultation fees and additional offers allowing keeping ongoing communication during registration.

Can international trademarks be filed and searched for in US offices?

Yes, international trademarks can be filed and searched for in US offices, as long as the applicant meets all the requirements of the US regulations.

What happens if someone else’s trademark is too similar?

If someone else shares a similar trademark or logo with your invention, consult a trademark attorney and move with caution framing a dispute in a safe manner, for not inconclusively infringing others judgments.

Are trademarks valid for only a limited amount of time?

Yes, trademarks are valid for a specific subjectwise duration, ranging anywhere from five to ten years.

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